Any donation is much appreciated, no matter what amount.
Our costs are simple.  It's about $576 for a full year of tuition at the Kimana Naramatisho Academy.  
This includes room and board as well as uniforms and books.
If you have an interest in sponsoring a child the monthly cost is $4
8.  Just let us know which child and if
you would like a phone call from Leonard to answer any questions. We can arrange for correspondence
to and from the child as well. However, sponsorship is not a requirement.  Any single or monthly donation will be put
towards a scholarship for one of these bright, deserving children.  100% of your donation goes to their education!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" ~Margaret Mead
7 years old
Class 2
Talkative, active, friendly

Samuel’s parents never had the opportunity to go to
school themselves. His older sibling does not attend
school either.
He comes from a distinguished Maasai family; his grandfather
was the leader of his age-set. Now that Samuel has secured a
scholarship that will provide him with a very good education his
parents are overjoyed and hope that Samuel will achieve great
things too.
NANCY METEINE                  
6 years old
Class 1
Happy, enthusiastic, precocious

Nancy has been in our program for 2 years,
starting with preschool or "baby school" as it
is known in Kenya.
The Meteine family lives in a very remote
area, far from all schools. To enable her to
attend Nancy stays with her grandmother
and transportation is provided daily by ACF

per month will sponsor
a child and change a life!

This provides uniforms,
, tuition along with
room and board at school
for one full year.

Not able to sponsor?  Any
amount is welcome and
greatly appreciated!
14 years old
Class 6
Trustworthy, honest, bright, leader

Rose was a class prefect (Leader) in her government run school.
ACF has chosen Rose to go to our private Academy school to
further her education on the recommendation of the  Headmaster
of her previous government school.
They hate to lose Rose because she has earned the respect of her
teachers for her responsible character and leadership skills, but
they don't want her to miss out on this opportunity.
16 years old
Class 9
Determined, sociable, physical

Milton has been in our program for 3 years and is our first
student to be accepted into the Kenya National High
School program. This is quite an honor - as students must
receive extremely high test scores to be admitted.
When he first came to us, Milton was in danger of having to
drop completely out of school because his parents could no
longer raise the funds.  This caused great anxiety for his
family and they were so pleased that Amboseli Children's
Fund could help.
Milton excels in mathematics and is newly determined to do
well in the more rigorous environment of the National  school.
He has told us that he dreams of becoming a member of
Parliament so that he can better represent the Maasai

Some of the children shown below have received initial sponsorship, but we need more funds to keep
them in school each year.  Please let us know if you are interested in being a sponsor  -  even a one time
donation is greatly valued.  We also have many more children anxiously awaiting our assistance and
eager to attend the Academy. Your contribution will completely change their life!
Educating one Mtoto* at a time
14 years old
Class 7
Friendly, outgoing, studious

Nelly is the eldest child in her family. Her mother was
unable to go to school. Her father went as far as 5th grade.
Nellie loves getting a clean, new uniform each year.  
It has been difficult for her to keep her clothes from
getting torn and dirty. At the small manyatta (village) where her
family is from there is no electricity for clothes washers, no
clotheslines to hang up the clothes. All the washing is done by
hand from the meager water supplies available.
To keep the clothing off the ground it is spread out over large
bushes to dry. Often, the bushes are trampled by the cows and
goats. Sometimes they nibble on the clothes and tear them.
Nelly’s confidence was given a great boost with her new uniform
and school environment. She has excelled in our program and
has consistently high test scores. In 2016 she will test for the
National High School and we have high hopes that she will be
5 years old
Kindergarten (Pre-School)
Polite, smart, shy

Some of Josephs older brothers and sisters
have been to primary school but none have
been able to go further with their education
and attend high school.
Joseph’s mother is very keen for her son
to have a good education at an academy school
so that he will have the option of going to
secondary school and on to higher education.
14 years old
Class 7
Ambitious, perceptive, intelligent, achiever

Cynthia is used to being in the top tier of her class. She is
ambitious for herself and is aiming high. Her dream is to
one day attend University and earn a degree.
She is willing to attend boarding school and live away from
her family during the school term to give herself a better
opportunity for a quality education, so that she can
achieve the dreams she has for her life.
Without the scholarship her family would not have the
means to provide an academy education.
CHARITY SEEYIAN                  
13 years old
Class 5
Outgoing, hardworking, warmhearted

Charity is very close to her mother. Her family has a semi nomadic
life that has made it very difficult for her to have a continuous
education because they are always moving. She has missed one
whole year of school because of this.
She and her mother are so pleased that she now boards  at
our Academy school which provides the stability and continuity
she needs to be successful and keep up with her age group.
ISAACK SABORE                          
12 years old
Class 5
Polite, gentle, easygoing, clever

Prior to the great drought of 2009 Isaack’s family was well off, with many cattle to
provide funds for Isaack’s schooling. However, the drought was so prolonged and
devastating that Isaack’s parents lost all their cattle leaving them with no source
of income.
They tried hard to keep him in school but like many Maasai families affected by
the drought they often fell behind in their payments.
Isaack and his family are so grateful for the ACF scholarship and the opportunity
to learn at a level that will make it easier for him to eventually pass his Secondary
school entrance exam and go further with his education.
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Monument, CO  8132
11 years old
Class 4

Elvis is a bit of a rough diamond.
He has energy to burn and is always on
the move. His parents, unfortunately,
lost everything in the 2009 drought.
They have not been able to recover
so are grateful that a scholarship will
give Elvis a better opportunity than
they can provide.
10 years old
Class 3

Seremon is the first born in his
family. He is a bright child who
has shown a tremendous desire
to learn and excell.
With a scholarship to the
Academy he has a real chance
to better his life.
15 years old
Class 7

Moses is so happy to be transferring to an
Academy school with a scholarship.
He loves to read and play football. Already he is
more advanced with his education than anyone
else in his family.
14 years old
Class 7

Elijah is a bright, friendly boy who
loves to learn. He is the eldest
child in his family, none of whom
have an education. They are so
happy he will have this opportunity.
Elijah also loves football (soccer).
10 years old
Class 2

Katoo is a polite, disciplined boy who comes
from difficult family circumstances.
He loves to run and play sports and hopes
for a brighter future with his new school .
He is ready to learn in spite of his families
12 Years old
Class 4

Nkoona is an outgoing, energetic
talkative girl.
She is the 6th child in her family. None of
her other five siblings
have had the opportunity to be educated.
Her family is extremely happy to have the
support of Amboseli Childrens Fund.
13 years old
Class 6

Laseko is a sweet, clever child who deserves an
opportunity to have a good education. With a
scholarship to Kimana Academy she will be able
to have a much better education than her family
could otherwise afford.
Laseko is polite and quiet but loves to sing and
play games, especially volleyball.
14 Years Old
Class 7

Agnes is shy and polite and wants to
devote herself to learning.  Recently
Agnes was told she was to be taken
out of school and married to an older
Maasai man.
With a scholarship for her education
she will now be able to stay in school
and remain happily an unmarried girl.
6 years old
Class 1
Shy, quiet, unassuming

Lynn is quite shy but very happy to attend school and has made a
great friend with one of our other students, Nancy. Her hard
working parents are eager for her to have this opportunity to
have a quality education. Both her mother and father had only
a few years of schooling yet they understand how education will
transform her life.

12 years old
Class 4
Beautiful, eager to please

Unfortunately, Nesereti has been neglected by her family.
As a girl who was one of the last born in a big family she was
overlooked and not given the opportunity to attend school.
Now 12 years old she has a lot of ground to make up. However
she is determined, despite this late start,to work hard and try
to catch up to her peers.  We are thrilled to have her in our program.
12 years old
Class 4
(Pictured on right) Outgoing, clever, positive

Loiman is an exceptionally intelligent and outgoing
young lady. At 12 years old she is very happy to
transfer to an academy school so that she can get
a quality education.
This is especially important to her family as
she is now being raised solely by her mother
after the tragic death of the father.