"The Amboseli Children's Fund is dedicated
to the empowerment of Maasai children
through continuing education.  
Our emphasis is on educating one child at a
time in the Amboseli area of Kenya.
We believe education to be the single,
most effective way to enable these children
to face the challenges of the 21st century
and improve the economic well-being of their
Maasai community in  Africa."

Yes! You can make a difference!
We are a non-profit organization with no
overhead costs. 100% of your donation
goes to school fees, books and tuition.
For under $
2 a day you can send a
mtoto(child) to school for a full year.
Educating one Mtoto* at a time
How you can help
Our costs are simple.  It's about $576 for a full year of tuition at the Kimana Naramatisho Academy.  
This includes room and board as well as uniforms and books.
Any donation is much appreciated, no matter what amount.
If you have an interest in sponsoring a child the monthly cost is $48.  Just let us know which child and if
you would like a phone call from Leonard to answer any questions. We can arrange for correspondence
to and from the child as well.  However, sponsorship is not a requirement.  Any single or monthly donation will be put
towards a scholarship for one of these bright, deserving children.  100% of your donation goes to their education!
Education In Kenya
The Kenyan education system includes eight years of primary school, four of
secondary school, and, for a lucky minority, four of university. Secondary
schools are not as well attended as the primary ones, mainly due to both the  
cost of tuition and the selective admissions process. After primary school,
children take an exam for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Only those
with high scores may be admitted to government secondary schools. One of
Amboseli Children's Fund primary objectives is to ensure that our students are
receiving the best possible education in primary school, which in turn
encourages higher scores on the entrance exams for secondary school,
enabling them to continue their education.
Milton Saitabau, has been in our program for 3 years and is our first student old
enough to have taken this test. He scored exceptionally high and is now
attending a Kenya National High School.  When he initially came to us, Milton
was in danger of having to drop completely out of school as his parents could
no long raise the funds needed.  Milton has told us that he dreams of attending
university and then becoming a member of Parliament so that he can better
represent the Maasai people.

per month will sponsor
a child and change a life

This provides uniforms,
, tuition along with
room and board at school

for one full year

Not able to sponsor?  Any
amount is welcome and
greatly appreciated!