Educating one Mtoto* at a time
In February of 2015, Leonard, Basia and myself all travelled back to Kenya - to reconnect with our
sponsored children and to ensure their continued well-being.  We visited the
Naramatisho Academy
where we were met by Leonards niece Ann (pictured to the right in the pink top) who is a teacher and our
local contact in the Amboseli area.  The kids were all smiles and greeted us warmly, but it was
disconcerting to see how few comforts they have. Although education is our primary objective, we wanted
to give them a brief respite from their daily challenges.  
So with the help of a local 5-star resort, the children (girls one day, boys the next) were given a day of
fun-filled activities including swimming, volleyball, soccer, crafts, singing and dancing.  Food was
plentiful and delicious.  
It was without a doubt one of the most memorable weekends of my life.  These children are precious
and so appreciative of any assistance or gift.  We can't thank you enough for your continued support of
our program!  
-Shari Young
2016 has been a great year!

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Keith, Brenda, Dick and Bernie
for your recent sponsorship of three of our kids!
We also want to recognize Patti, John, LeRoy, Basia and Richard
for their long term support and sponsorships.  
Your generosity has truly transformed the lives of our children.  
A very generous lady named Denise Thompson
made personalized toiletry bags for all the girls and
boys.  We realize she spent a lot of time and effort on
this project and her efforts are much appreciated.  
The bags will be treasured and put to good use!
April - 2016
Milton is our only child old enough to be in a National High School.  He had to score very high on his exams to be placed in
the Machakos school - and must consistently do this to maintain his place there.  The school itself is huge - with electricity,
running water, a cafeteria, labratories and very nice dormitories.  These are all items considered a luxury in Amboseli.  
We wanted to give our other students a chance to see what the future could hold for them if they continued to do well in their
studies- so Leonard arranged a field trip for the older kids who will be taking their exams soon.  
All were amazed and in the words of Moses "
Machakos school is like a paradise to me. I will study even harder now to get
good marks so that I may go there too!"