Why Scholarships?

Education is widely seen as one of the most promising paths for
individuals to realize better, more  productive lives and is one of the
primary necessities for national economic development.  Kenya has
invested heavily in their government run schools, however their is still
a huge disparity in the quality between public and private schools.  
Simply put, a child in Kenya will receive a much better education if
he/she can attend a private academy.
For the Maasai tribes who have few possessions and little access to
funds, attending a private school is out of the question.  Even public
schools may not be an option as the ancillary costs (uniforms and
books) are not attainable and many times the location may be so far
away from the village that a child cannot possibly attend.  So the
statistics about how many children receive an education are much
lower for the Masaai tribes.
Kenya - which is in Africa, is actually made up of 42 tribes, with land
divided into provinces. The Maasai are just one of these tribes, and by
far the most in need.  They are primarily located in the Rift Valley
province in southern Kenya. This is the largest yet least populated
province. We are focusing on one of the group ranches, Olgulului,
located in the Amboseli area.  
The group ranches (Gr) are shown to the left as they surround the
National Park.  It is the children from the most southern region that
receive our scholarships for education.
Kimana Naramatisho

The Maasai community is eager to learn and the Kimana Naramatisho Academy was
established to allow them an opportunity to improve their educational standards.  Students
attending consistently rank in the top of the academic scores recorded for the area.
The Academy has worked hard to keep costs low, providing room and board as well as an
exceptional curriculum. The education children receive here is far better than a government run
school, where teachers are poorly trained and classrooms are often little more than shacks.
Even though the Academy provides a low cost alternative, most Maasai families simply do not
have the necessary funds, which is where we step in. With our scholarships we are able to ensure
education for Maasai boys and girls from 4 years old (Nursery) to 18 years old  (High School).
For less than $2 per day you can  
make a
huge difference in the
lives of these children!
Educating one Mtoto* at a time
Currently only 50% of
children in Kenya receive
a primary education.