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Make a Difference - Sponsor a Child

Make a Difference - Sponsor a Child

Make a Difference - Sponsor a ChildMake a Difference - Sponsor a ChildMake a Difference - Sponsor a Child

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Our Mission


Open the door to a new future for under $2 per day!

Amboseli Children's Fund is committed to transforming the lives of Maasai children living in extreme need in the remote area of Amboseli, Kenya. 

Government assistance does not exist for these people. Without our help, they have little hope of breaking free of this cycle of poverty. 

Education has been proven to be the most single, most effective means of change and 100% of your donations go toward this endeavor.

Our sponsored children receive a balanced diet, clean drinking water, toiletries, uniforms, books and tuition. These children are eager to learn and together we can make a huge impact on future generations. 

Please join Amboseli Children's Fund in our mission to give back to those less fortunate - sponsor a child today!

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Why Education?


Changing gender discrimination and transforming lives...

Making a Difference


Get inspired with this amazing story...


Check out this great video about our recent trip to Kenya!  We brought gifts from generous sponsors including new clothes for the kids, necessities, games and lots of activities. 

The children were all smiles as they showed off their cute outfits and got to spend some fun time together.  Parents traveled great distances to meet with us and join in the celebration! 

You can sponsor a child for just $48 per month!  

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