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about amboseli children's fund and the maasai

Who are the Maasai?

Young Maasai warriors in their traditional clothing.

  • The Maasai are among the best known of African ethnic groups, due to their residence near the many game parks of Kenya and their distinctive customs and dress. They own cattle, sheep and goats which they follow around seasonally in search of new grazing grounds and water sources.  Traditionally the Maasai have always been a proud and independent tribe. They did not cultivate the land and depend on a cash economy as many of those around them did, rather they lived off the milk that their cattle provided them.   
  • The Maasai live a natural way of life with no modern conveniences and few comforts.  There are no paved roads (let alone vehicles), their homes have no electricity or refrigeration, no running water.  They live in one of the few areas still populated by wild animals but have only hand made weapons (such as a spear) for protection. The men in the Maasai tribe are born and raised to be warriors. They don‘t marry when they are young but instead are sent out with the calves and lambs as soon as they can walk.  Women are responsible for making the houses as well as supplying water, collecting firewood, milking cattle and cooking for the family. Maasai houses (inkajijik) are loaf shaped and made of mud, sticks, grass, cow dung and cow's urine.  Within this space, the family cooks, eats, sleeps, socializes and stores food, fuel and other household possessions. 
  • If fortunate enough to attend school, Maasai girls have often been pressured into early marriages which forced them to drop out of school.  While there is still pressure on the girls to be circumcised and marry earlier than in western societies, traditions are beginning to change as more of the youth become educated. The longer a boy or girl remains in school the later they will marry and typically they will have fewer children. When you sponsor a child thru our non-profit you are opening up an entire new future for these youth.  They are so appreciative of the the opportunity to have an education and understand the importance of it for their community. 

Why education?

Cynthia and Nelly in front of the Naivasha Girls School Academy.

An education gives these children the tools to deal with the modern world as well as hope for a bright future.  Education has been shown time and again to be a key element in reducing poverty, achieving gender equality and social development. Over the years, many projects have begun to help the Maasai find ways to preserve their traditions while also balancing the educational needs of their children.

 As a people, they are coming to understand that education need not be seen as a surrender to mainstream culture, but rather as a way to fix those aspects of their own  culture that need fixing – particularly in the treatment of women and girls. Despite this new awareness, there are still many factors that make it difficult for a Maasai child to obtain a good education.   Expense, distance and cultural challenges are the top three. 

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Our Mission

Our recent trip in May, 2019.  We brought some of the students and their parents to a lodge in Amboseli National Park for a celebration of their high school marks.

At Amboseli Children's Fund, we believe:

  • All Maasai children deserve an environment of hope, respect and understanding.

  • That all of our actions must be guided by the utmost integrity and honesty.

  • As volunteers, we do not use any of the funds we receive for administrative costs; all donations are used solely to cover education costs for Maasai children.

We work with seven of the top schools in and around the Amboseli National Park in Kenya.  Thanks to our sponsors, children in our program are thriving and continually receive high scholastic marks and honors. In 2019 our oldest student qualified to attend Strathmore University in Nairobi; well known for their levels of excellence and ethics. 

education brings change in just one generation!

Your support and contributions will enable us to give hope and change lives; both for now and generations to come!

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